Welcome to “Beyond Biohacking: Breakdowns to Breakthroughs” with Dr. Daniel Fenster, the Clinic Director of Complete Wellness NYC.

With over 3 decades of experience as a Health Coach, Life Guide, & Chiropractor, Dr. Fenster is committing to providing his patients with industry-leading holistic healthcare.

An inspiring innovator in the field of integrated medicine, Dr. Fenster is the author of “CRYOTHERAPY- The Secret of Staying Young” and “UPRIGHT – The Body Language of Success.”

On “Beyond Biohacking”, you’ll go beyond learning techniques to improve health & wellness – beyond your next level of energy & performance – You’ll improve all aspects of your life.

Dr. Fenster’s Integrated Model is committed to treating you as a “whole person” – so you’ll discover peak performance in all departments: Success, Relationships, & Wellness.

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